Yulia Kosheleva

Yulia is a recognized professional ballroom dancer specializing in American Smooth, International Standard and International Latin. Born in Moscow, Russia, Yulia started dancing at the age of 7 and had a successful 16 year dancing career, winning dozens of National and International Dance Competitions. Yulia fuses her passion for teaching and dancing with her friendly … Continue reading “Yulia Kosheleva”

Hongquan (Anna) Pan

Hongquan (Anna) Pan Hongquan was born in Beng Bu China; she has been dancing since she learned to walk. It all started out when her mom put her in the ballroom dance classes at a dance center when she was an itty-bitty little five-year-old. It was family tradition to place girls in dance classes, hoping … Continue reading “Hongquan (Anna) Pan”

Ramon Martinez

Ramon Martinez Campos   Ramon’ s dance education started at the young age of 11 as a bboy (breakdancer) in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico. After competing for many years and winning multiple events in Break Dancing and Salsa, Ramon has discovered the world of Ballroom Dancing. He became Dance Instructor of the Arthur Murray Dance … Continue reading “Ramon Martinez”

Petr Dubovsky

Petr Dubovsky Originally from Czech Republic, Petr started dancing at age 14. The first seven years he trained and competed in Ballroom and Latin. Eventually, he began to focus on Latin Dance. Petr has competed in competitions all over Europe. Petr was a Czech Latin finalist and many others throughout Europe. While still in Europe, … Continue reading “Petr Dubovsky”

Olga Kinnard

Olga “Latin dance is my passion. I gave up a lot in the name of Dance and I went as far as I could go with it. I competed and performed around the world, had great results and not so great ones, I failed just as many times as I succeeded, but it never made … Continue reading “Olga Kinnard”

Ferenc Nemeth

Ferenc Nemeth A native of Hungary, Ferenc began dancing at the age of eleven. His passion for music and ballroom dancing at an early age led him to travel across Europe, studying with the finest teachers that could be found from Italy to England. At the age of seventeen, he was awarded the title of … Continue reading “Ferenc Nemeth”