Olga Kinnard


“Latin dance is my passion. I gave up a lot in the name of Dance and I went as far as I could go with it. I competed and performed around the world, had great results and not so great ones, I failed just as many times as I succeeded, but it never made me stop dancing. I learned from my mistakes, worked harder, practiced more, changed partners many times, won several US National Championships, I represented Canada at World Professional Championships, took countless lessons and taught countless lessons. Won World Championships with my students and I am proud of them. I own Dance Republic Studio, coach Harvard Ballroom Dance team and dance socially Salsa and Bachata. I dance, I teach dance and I love it.”

After may years of competitive dancing,  Olga  has a very long list of dancing titles, here are some of them:

Twice Canadian Professional Latin Vice-Champion
World Professional South American Show Dance Finalist
United Kingdom Open to the World Professional RS Latin Finalist
US National, US Open to the World Professional RS Latin Champion
North American Professional Open Latin Vice-Champion
U.S. National Professional Mambo Champion
North American  Show-Dance Champion

If someone told Olga that she would become a professional ballroom dancer when she was teenager, she would have rolled her eyes in disbelief. Planning to be a surgeon Olga followed her dream with dedication and effort. However, the story took a different turn… The story began in St. Petersburg Russia, where Olga was born. At the age 5 she was hand picked by a gymnastics coach who was searching for talents around kinder gardens of St. Petersburg to become a part of intensive gymnastics’ program. 10 years Olga dedicated to this training until an injury at the age 15. The life turned upside down and her carrier as a professional athlete seemed to be over, so she switched her attention to medicine. Shortly after, she moved to US, where she attend and graduated from Tufts University Magna Cum Laude with an idea to pursue a career of surgeon. And here is where the story took a different turn: she discovered a world of ballroom dancing. First for fun, but very shortly it took over and she decided to take a year off before medical school to explore and study ballroom dancing. She never looked back, never regretted her decision. Ballroom dancing became her passion for many years. Very shortly after, she moved to New York City to study with a multitude of famous coaches. She traveled extensively to Europe and Asia to study, perform and represent Canada at several World Championships and other major tournaments.

Presently Olga is a head coach for the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team and she is the founder and owner of Dance Republic Studio located in Wellesley, MA, where she is sharing her knowledge and experience with students of all levels and ages.  She is available for coaching and pro-am instructions for International Latin, American Rhythm, Salsa and Bachata.

Dance Fitness is Olga’s latest passion which started as a result of a recent injury which led her in a direction of dance-fitness and body conditioning which ultimately helped her to overcome her injury.  Try Zumba, Exersalsa or Flex-O-Tone classes at Dance Republic if you want to get an  Olga -style workout.