Make your Wedding Dance one to remember!


Getting married? Congratulations!
Do you have two left feet? We love people with two left feet!
Don‘t stress over your first dance.
We got this one!
You don’t have to be a star to move like one!
Our Wedding Dance Specialists are here to help to make your first dance memorable! We are here to help you turn your dreams into reality.


It starts with a Dream…

Imagine the most amazing incarnation of your dream and dream that. Don’t keep your big dream locked away, share it with us, and together we’ll do the magic. We are here to help you to turn your dreams into reality.

Don’t have any ideas? Overwhelmed?

No problems! We got it. We are working with wedding couples all the time, and we are here to help you to make it work. Furthermore, we’ll work with your busy schedule. We can guide you in a right direction even when you have none.

Music and Dance

Bring us the music that speaks to you OR we can help you choose the perfect song. No matter your dance level, we will work with you to create a romantic and memorable first dance. If you’d like to learn how to pick the best song for your wedding dance click here.

Wedding Dance Packages

We have several wedding dance package options available. Just pick the right one for you.

Start Dancing Here

Let us know what your vision is, and we’ll do our best to turn it into reality!

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