Are you ready for a new challenge? Try Dance Sport Program at Dance Republic

Dance Sport Program at Dance Republic

Looking for a new challenge? Are you ready to transform your life from a Blah to Wow?  You should consider our Dance Sport Program.  It is perfect for those students who really would like to take their dancing as far as it can go and becoming the best dancers they can be. You can come with a partner and train as a couple or by yourself.   You don’t need a partner. This Program offers an opportunity to perform and compete with a Professional dance instructors in Pro-Am Competitions all over the world. Those competitions are similar to “The Dancing With The Stars” where you would be competing with your professional instructor against other students competing with their professional instructors.

Would you like to have an opportunity to dress up and to attend glamorous parties with extravagant costumes, great looking people, wonderful music and lot of dancing?  Would you like to travel the world to attend spectacular dance events?  If the answer is “YES”, this program has your name on it. Did you know that there are several competitions happening every week around  US?  You will have many opportunities to travel for competitions around US and sometimes even outside of US.  It is a lot of fun and we invite you to join us on our next trip.

Private lessons is the Fastest way to improve

Whether you want to become the best dancer you can be or just interested in  learning how to dance with anyone, anywhere and to any music well,  taking private lessons is the best way to make the biggest amount of improvement in the shortest period of time. Try your first Intro private lesson for free to see for yourself how it feels. If  you are looking for a real improvement in your dancing skills, or interested in performing and competing in Pro-Am Competitions, this program would be perfect for you.

We’ll design a program just for you

Stop by Dance Republic for a Free Intro and  we’ll design a program that would fit your requirements and interests, budget and availability.  Together, we’ll work on your body image, choreography, stamina, and of course, dancing. The program will include private instructions, coaching lessons with some of the best dance teachers in the U.S, technic, drill and dance fitness group classes for keeping your body in the top competitive shape.

If you are trying to stay on budget, we recommend you to check out our Technic Classes where you will be body details of every dance in a group class setting.

Take the first step & schedule your Free intro with one of our professional instructors.