Benefits of Dancing

Most of the people are totally unaware of the Benefits of Ballroom Dancing. They think that they need a partner to dance or a natural talent, or they assume you need to start dancing as a child in order to ever become good. Often times they are terrified of looking ridiculous. However, most people who show up at a Ballroom Dance studio for the first time are single adults who have never danced before. They are looking for a new challenge, new circle of friends,  and new ways for self-expression. They would like to try fun way to keep their brains and bodies active and healthy, while boosting their confidence.

Why People Start Dancing?

People start dancing for many reasons. Even though they may not initially realize how many benefits ballroom dancing actually offers, they discover them one by one and see their life transform from “Blah” to “Wow” over time. Most of our students start to feel those benefits right away. Many say that they found their “happy place”, where they can take their minds off the daily grind. There are so much research that shows evidence for why dancing is such a great tool for a stress reduction. Not only it increases levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin, but also it helps to develop new neural connections, especially in regions involved in executive function, long-term memory, and spatial recognition. So start dancing and see for yourself how you feel.

Meet New People

Many people, find their way into the world of ballroom dancing when they are looking for a new circle of friends. Dancing is an inherently fun and social activity and for many people is a perfect escape from being lonely. Here, at Dance Republic you will find a wide range of ages from kids, to college students to professional in their 30s, 40s, and 50s to retirees in their 60s and up. You are never too old to start dancing!
Boost your Creativity
Learn about benefits of Ballroom dancing
Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

And there are some students, who walk into a Ballroom Dance studio in a search for a transformation,  for a boost in creativity or even for a complete make over. You have to agree that there is no other environment (other than Hollywood perhaps), that offers the same opportunity to experiment with your image through costumes, make-up and hair design. This environment also gives you an opportunity to dress up, and to attend fabulous events full of music, dancing, glamorous costumes, fancy hair and outrageous make-up.  All of a sudden students discover the whole new world that they were never aware of before, the world where they can look and feel creative, glamorous and extravagant. The world, where they can become whoever they want to be.

Perfect Exercise

Many current dancers came in because they were looking for a fun way of staying in shape without killing themselves at the gym. Let’s agree that running on a treadmill is a turn off for many people.  Movement to the music offers much more than just a production of a beautiful  body via repetition of the same action over and over again. Dancing can get you into a great shape without trying so hard and without making it a hard work. If you try Ballroom Dancing for real, you will get the body you always dreamed of, plus all the additional benefits (stress reduction, social skill and confidence improvement, boost in creativity).  Ultimately you will experience an increase in your productivity and overall well-being. You can get into amazing shape using Ballroom Dancing without going to a Gym ever again. Well, it worked for me and for many of my students and I think that it can work for you too.

Exercise for the brain

Did you know that Dancing could be the best exercise for potentially preventing Alzheimer’s and other forms of neurodegenerative problems according to that research? According to several research studies, dancing is the best activity that increases increases cognitive acuity and reduces the risk of dementia.
How does Dancing helps to ward off the Alzheimer’s you might ask. First of all, it incorporates complex movements and motor learning, creative expression and interpersonal communication. Dancing activates many areas of the brain, including those not typically involved in movement.
Areas of the brain that are most affected by aging can be stimulated and rewired to stay alert and function properly. Trying new activities like dancing creates new pathways in the brain and helps improve mental capabilities.

Improve your critical thinking with dancing

Dancing requires you to constantly learn new steps, engaging your brain and helping to rewire it.  Dancers need to recognize patterns and think about what their next move will be. Dancing requires making many split-second decisions which will force you to use your critical thinking skills frequently and repeatedly.
In partner dancing, dancers respond to one another with strategies and gestures. Through this, even more areas of the brain are utilized for visual processing and planning and decision making.  Our students are constantly telling us that they feel more alert than they had before they started dancing.

Perfect hobby for any age

Many of our students discover Ballroom Dancing after they retire. They always say that they wish that they had started dancing earlier in life. It is fascinating for us to see how their bodies start to transform, how their balance becomes restored, and how they manage to remember longer and longer sequences of choreography. Our oldest student is 92 years old and Ballroom dancing has been  a big part of helping him to stay active, alert and vibrant.  Another student in her 80s, who started off taking a 30 min lessons (needing several breaks), is now dancing for full 45 min twice a week. She has made tremendous improvement. She performs at our showcases and inspires others to start dancing.

How Dancing at the studio is different from going to a Night Club?

How is it different than just going to a night club you might ask. I have to say that this is a very different experience. At the studio you will find a supportive environment and likeminded people, who are there just to practice the art of dancing. It is very different from what you might find at the club. 
Stop by to visit us to see how dancing makes you feel.  See if you can use it as a tool for redefining yourself, moving on, fining new ways to exercise and get in shape, turning your life around and becoming a person you always wanted to be. It will not cost you anything at all.  We are here to guide you and support you in anyway possible. Take that first step in making a change in your life and becoming the person you always wanted to be.
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