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You will not be disappointed with Dance Republic! I was initially drawn to DR’s Salsa and Bachata lessons, but quickly became a regular at all of the ballroom classes. They allow a fun and approachable way to becoming a dancer or continuing your practice. The teachers really do their best to pay individual attention to all dancers even in group classes; which you will not find anywhere else. Ramon Campos is an exceptionally talented instructor and he is always putting his students first. Within a short six months he had me feeling a huge sense of accomplishment, improvement, and confidence! The entire team instantly made me feel like a part of the ballroom family and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you!

Dawn Durkee recommends Dance Republic.

I went tonight for an intro class with Ramon. He was very personable & likable. I’ve never taken any kind of dancing class and even after just a few minutes – I felt very comfortable & liked the warm & welcoming vibe there.

Great teachers, really nice studio, and friendly staff. As an adult, taking first dance lessons ever, and we love it.