Dance Yourself into Shape

Are you ready to transform your body and mind with dancing? It is time to try a new approach to your fitness. If you are tiered of running on a tread mill and repeating the same set of exercises at the Gym, dancing might be a surprisingly refreshing fitness activity that you overlooked in the past.

I promise you, that if you try Dancing for real, you will get the body you always dreamed of plus you will get all sorts of other hidden benefits, from stress reduction and social skill improvement, to a big boost of creativity and ultimately, an increase in your productivity and overall wellbeing. You can get into amazing shape using Ballroom Dancing without going to the Gym ever again. Well, it worked for me and for many of my students and I think that it can work for you too

It is never too late to start! You have to enjoy what you do! Right? When you move to the beat of music you love, changing partners, it doesn’t feel like a workout… There are so many other benefits that dancing offers, that the only question you should ask yourself is “Why shouldn’t I dance?”. Think about getting a perfect cardio work out for your body and your brain at the same time?

Dancing will work out your brain!

Dancers also need to recognize patterns and think about what their next move will be. One of the reasons dancing helps improve cognitive abilities is that dancers are required to make many split-second decisions, causing people to use their critical thinking skills frequently and repeatedly. 
In partner dancing, dancers respond to one another with strategies and gestures. Through this, even more areas of the brain are utilized for visual processing and planning and decision making.




Train, and develop your coordination with this innovative dance class.

From cardio exercises to core strengthening, this comprehensive class will improve your balance, Salsa/Bachata foot work, and leave you smoking hot on the dance floor.

This class is built around Salsa/Bachata footwork and coordination.

Solo-Latina (Cardio)

So many people love Latin American dancing and would love to learn it. However, they often wonder, “Where am I going to find a partner for dancing?”

Solo-Latina solves this problem! All our choreography for this dance is built in such a way that the presence of a partner isn’t necessary at all.

Solo Latina is a mix of Rumba, Cha-Cha, Jive, and Samba dance moves that can be performed by men and women alike. In these classes, you will get the knowledge and necessary practice needed to be able to use in clubs when you are dancing solo or with a partner. Such lessons will make partner dancing much easier because it will give you a necessary foundation so you can focus on your dancing as a couple and not worry about basic moves or footwork.

This is a perfect class to start with for those interested in learning international Latin Dancing.


Reshape your body, redefine your abilities, and find new limits with the Flex-O-Tone class. This class is a combination of ballet/barre exercises, cardio dance fitness warm-up, and mat-based slow flow body conditioning and stretching exercises to Zen-inspired music. This class will cover everything you need in order to stay in your perfect shape without exhausting you.

You will leave this class feeling energized, relaxed, and ready to face any issues. It is a perfect morning or lunch hour class.


Zumba doesn’t need any introduction.

It is a hot, super popular, fun, and easy-to-follow Latin-inspired dance fitness program that will get you in shape in no time. Ditch the work out and join the party! Latin and International music is used in combination with a super fun work out!