How to pick the best Song for your Wedding Dance

  1. Go for a song that has a meaning to you 

The song can tell the story about your relationship, or it could be something you listened to on your first date or none of the above. As long as it means something to both of you that’s all that matters. Pick a song that makes you happy.

2. Try to be Original

Your guests will appreciate your effort. Remember, that they have seen it all.

3. Pick a song that works with your venue and outfits…

Make sure that you are comfortable performing to the song you piked. You have to take your dress, into account. Some faster songs might not fit with your beautiful long gown. You don’t want to hit a low ceiling in case you attempt to perform a lift, and we don’t recommend dancing Salsa in 6 inch heels. Nothing is impossible if you give yourself plenty of time to practice.

4. Make it fun by involving some of the guests in your first dance

It is just an suggestion, but you may like the idea of bringing bridesmaids and groomsmen  on the dance floor! If you don’t like to have all the attention on you, it will definitely make it less stressful, and it might make it more fun.

Our top 3 songs for 2019

  1.  “Perfect” by  Ed Sheeran
  2.  “All of me” by John Legend
  3.  “A Thousand Years”by Christina Perri