Ferenc Nemeth

A native of Hungary, Ferenc began dancing at the age of eleven. His passion for music and ballroom dancing at an early age led him to travel across Europe, studying with the finest teachers that could be found from Italy to England. At the age of seventeen, he was awarded the title of Youth Latin Champion of Ballroom Dancing. During this time he also was recognized as a Hungarian Latin Rank List Leader.

For his formal education, Ferenc graduated as an electrical engineer, but his love for dancing kept him on the path of an artist. After moving to the United States, he became a Professional United States Latin Champion Semi-Finalist and Rising Star Finalist. More recently, Ferenc and his partner, Olga Kinnard, won the 2010 North American Show Dance Championship as well as the 2011 Eastern US Professional Rhythm Competition and the Eastern US Show Dance Championship.

Ferenc has worked with many individuals and groups throughout the years, including the Hungarian Youth Latin Champions of Ballroom Dancing and the Harvard Ballroom Team in Boston, instructing them and expanding their dance capabilities. Ferenc also continues to compete professionally while also traveling with his students to major competitions throughout the country.

At Dance Republic we are proud to have Ferenc on our team. Here, he can pass on his knowledge to others, from children to adults, sharing his passion and expertise with those who are eager to step into the magical world of ballroom dancing where mind, body, and spirit are one harmonious, rhythmical expression of self.