Our beginner dance program is specifically designed to accommodate a beginner level of dancing. The classes are an introduction to different styles of dance while catering to the needs of those who have never danced before or those who are seeking to find more comfort in dancing. Every two weeks, a different style of dance is taught. However, the beginner level remains constant. By the end of a season, participants will obtain a solid sense of differences in styles of dance, as well as the basic steps needed to take part in such dances.

These are very light and fun classes. Drop-ins are welcome with no commitment required!

Please see our monthly schedule for the dates and times these classes are offered. Also remember to keep an eye on our regular open houses. They happen more often then you’d expect!

If new to the studio, a one-on-one intro lesson is required before attending classes. Intro lessons are free of charge.Beginner dance program 

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Intro To Salsa/Bachata 
Tuesday 6:45PM

Get a taste for the club Latin dances! Learn some basic Bachata and Salsa moves before you can jump to more advanced classes.

Intro to Latin:
Monday 6:45PM

Start your journey in international Latin style with our intro level class. Learn the basic steps of Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Pasodoble and Jive and slowly move upwards into more fun and mind opening figures.

Social Fundamentals:
Sunday 4:30PM

Get your feet moving and your body swaying in this basic class which will focus on delivering  components of different dances that are popular in the social dancing scene in Boston. Both Latin and Ballroom dances such as Swing, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Waltz are covered in this class.

***Please keep in mind that dances will change every month.

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