Beginner Social Dance Program

Our Beginner Social Dance Program has two options: Ballroom and Latin and Club Salsa/Bachata. Both options offer Beginner Group classes, Social Dance Parties, Practice parties and Private lessons.  Private lessons are by far the fastest and the best way to learn, but it is also the most expensive. You can go at your speed and learn what you want to learn.  Group classes are much more economical and social, but some of you might feel that you need a couple of privates before you can jump into a class and dance in front of others. Social dance parties are great for practicing your steps and polishing your skills – it is a very important ingredient of the mix.  You should always start with scheduling a Free Private Consultation before jumping into any class.

If you have never danced before, you have to think about dancing like learning any other skill. It takes some information and lots of practice to polish. We recommend to start with a combination of private lessons, group classes and practice parties. However, you may chose to stick to only private lessons, only group classes for whatever reason. It is important that you come as often as you can at the beginning, to develop a solid foundation.  Please check out or Saturday Night Parties and Wednesday Night Social Dance Parties.

Our beginner dance program is specifically designed to accommodate a beginner level of dancing.  The classes are an introduction to different styles of dance while catering to the needs of those who have never danced before or those who are seeking to find more comfort in dancing. Sign up for Social Fundamentals or Intro to Salsa, attend our Practice Parties, give yourself 3 -4 month and you will become comfortable dancing at any social setting to any music.  We offer other beginner classes from time to time, please check the schedule or call us if you have any questions about levels. If you would like to go faster, take private lessons and you will improve as fast as your abilities, time and budget would allow you. Once you feel comfortable at the beginner level classes, you may join our intermediate classes, performance teams, sign up for competitions.

Please see our monthly schedule for the dates and times these classes are offered. Also remember to keep an eye on our regular open houses. They happen more often then you’d expect!

If new to the studio, a one-on-one intro lesson is required before attending classes. Intro lessons are free of charge.Beginner dance program 

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Social Fundamentals:

Get your feet moving and your body swaying in this basic class which will focus on delivering  components of different dances that are popular in the social dancing scene in Boston. Both Latin and Ballroom dances such as Swing, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Waltz and Tango are covered in this class. Give yourself 12 weeks to learn basics of these 6 dances. Each dance will be covered for 2 weeks.  We offer this class twice a week and recommend you to start here before going anywhere else.

Intro To Salsa and Bachata:

Get a taste for the club Latin dances! Learn some basic Bachata and Salsa moves before you can jump to more advanced classes. We are going to rotate Salsa and Bachata in this class. We recommend to take this class at least for 8 weeks before going to more advanced classes.