Finally, a “new dancers’ guide”!

New dancers, here is a list of some things you may need as a new dancer to get off to a good start. We thought this guide might help.New dancers’ guide

The desire to dance

If you have reached this page, you are definitely thinking about and researching dancing! Some already know what they want and other still wonder if they should venture into it. You’re probably thinking that dancing would be a nice thing to try, and you could not have been more right! It’s fun, entertaining, and more often than not, brings a sense of accomplishment.

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We offer a 30 min consultation to all of our new clients. You will dance for 30 min and spent 15 min working on a lesson plan. As you prepare to enter the realm of dancing, we want to help you explore the different types of dances available to you at the studio. Quite often new dancers have a clear idea what they would like to do. Others, sometimes, have a hard time choosing. in either case, we want to have a moment to chat with you and help you explore your options.

Start Dancing

If you have never danced before, you have to think about dancing like learning any other skill. It takes some information and lots of practice to polish. We recommend to start with a combination of private lessons, group classes and practice parties. However, you may chose to stick to only private lessons or only group classes for whatever reason. It is important that you come as often as you can at the beginning, to develop a solid foundation.  Please check out our Monthly Saturday Night Parties and Weekly Wednesday Night Social Dance Parties.

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Comfortable shoes

Jumping onto the high stilettos on you first week of dancing is always a big NO NO! You need to be comfortable while you’re learning. Chances are, if you can’t move around because of the heels, you might think it’s because you can’t dance. In reality, your shoes are the ones that can’t dance–not you! And here you are driving your self away from something awesome.New dancers’ guide

Let’s look at it simply with a few pictures and descriptions of what to expect. This is in no way the holy grail of shoes. There is so much involved in purchasing a dance shoe. Things like brand, size, shape, material, and other factors play a role. This is merely an attempt to help those who are wondering what to wear.


These are very popular in the dancing scene. They are very good for beginners–both ladies and men. You can use them for you fitness classes as well as your early days of ballroom dancing.

They provide comfort while moving around and spinning safely on a dance floor. Spinning with the wrong shoes can cause substantial injury. Be careful!


As you get better at controlling your feet and body, you might feel the need to add some style to you dancing. These Cuban heels are what advanced beginner  to intermediate dancers use.

When the time comes for these, you will know. Although they are not usually recommended for the beginner, if you feel you have enough experience for them, there would be no wrong in dancing on these lower heels.



These are perfectly fine for all levels of male dancers. There is not much to say. The only difference between these and your regular street shoes is the suede bottom. That said, your street shoes don’t compare to them when it come to dancing.

These are designed to help you move comfortably on a dance floor. They can’t walk the streets. They are only made for the ballroom wood floors.




Simply put, these are Latin style competitive dance heels. You will definitely see a lot of ladies rocking these at the club or in the ballroom. They look sexy, but it will take some work to get used to these shoes.

It is highly recommended to get these shoes under advisement. They can make or break a dancer if one is not careful.

Don’t feel pressured by the trends when it comes to your shoes. It’s important to protect your legs, knees, and feet. After all, you need them to dance!


These are men’s Latin style competitive dance heels. You will see these mainly at competitions or on experienced male dancers. When the time comes, don’t be shy. They feel better than they look!




Remember: when buying shoes, make sure to try them on and walk around in them. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably isn’t good for you. Always ask for advice. You never know what you might learn! New dancers’ guide

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