Dance Fitness Classes, Zumba

Dance yourself into shape! Every year there is new work-out system gets on the market and becomes super popular for a short period of time until there is a new and hot work-out comes to the market. For the last couple of years it was Zumba! It became a huge hit all around the world for the last couple of years! We all like diversity and are always looking for new ways to entertains ourselves.  If you like Zumba-like work-outs, our Dance-Fit classes are just for you. High energy music, focus on endurance, cardio-fitness,  stamina and of course, fun. Whether you’re looking for conditioning to improve stamina and strength or a place to dance your worries away, there’s a dance fitness class for you. 




Plexi-Dance (coming soon - MAY 2014)

Ladies ONLY!  Ladies, we are excited to invite you to join our newest and by far the hottest dance fitness class. Plexi-dance fitness is based on Strip Plastic - very popular and trendy dance style in Europe. We are going to keep our classes small, so please pre-register early and it will be for ladies only, so you can relax and feel comfortable. Plexi-dance practice will consist of 2 parts: warm-up with stretching and conditioning - necessary for the next part-  dancing. Regular practice will condition your body, improve your flexibility, improve your confidence and make your movement more feminene.

What to wear: leggings, knee pads (recommended) - there will be some standing on your knees, so please protect them, dance shoes with 2.5 inch heels are recommended. However, for the first time, please bring socks. 

Exer-Salsa  (May 2014)

Train, tone, and develop your body with this innovative dance class.  From cardio exercises to core strengthening, this comprehensive classe will improve your stamina, balance, salsa foot work and leave you smoking hot on the dance floor. This class is build around salsa footwork, salsa shines and of course, salsa music.  Enroll in this class and you'll get a chance to perform a fun group routine at one of our showcases.




So many people love Latin American dancing and would love to learn it.  However, immediately they are bumping into the question that can be related to all partner- dancing – where am I going to find a partner for dancing?

Solo-Latina doesn’t have this problem because all choreography is built in such a way that presence of a partner isn’t necessary at all.  SoloLatina is a mix of dance moves from salsa, rumba, cha-cha, bachata, kizomba, swing, samba that can be performed by man and women alike. In those classes you will get the knowledge and necessary practice that you will be able to use in clubs when you are dancing solo or with a partner.  This type of class will fit perfectly with someone who is shy dancing with a partner right away or share such a dance with a stranger. Whenever you are dancing with a partner, you have to have certain dance foundation. Whenever you are dancing solo, you don’t have to worry about it. Your mistakes and process of correction of those mistakes involves only you. You feel free and don’t feel embarrassed because of mistakes or lack of knowledge that could be present in partner dancing.
Such lessons you will make partner dancing much easier because it will give you a necessary foundation so you can focus on your dancing as a couple and not worry about basic moves or footwork. This is a perfect class to start with for those who want to learn Latin-American Dancing.

Zumba  doesn't need any introduction. It is hot, super popular, fun, easy to follow latin inspired dance fitness program that will get you in shape in no time. Ditch the work out - join the Party! Latin and International music in combination with super fun work out!